Unmasking the Goddess


Unmasking the Goddess

The Divine Feminine Alchemy Gatherings

“What is the mask I wear

that I present to the world as ‘me,’

obscuring my authenticity?

The Sacred Wound that binds me

becomes my Medicine to heal,

becomes my Gift I wield”

Steeped in the richness of Feminine Mystery, Creativity, Heart-Healing Ceremony,  and the Soul Bond of Sisterhood

Umasking the Goddess

Four Divine Feminine Alchemy Gatherings Invoking the Power Within and Stoking the Fires of the Mystic Divine Feminine Intelligence

-Unmask the Goddess Power within           
-Embrace and Wield the Sacred Wound as Medicine 
-Embody the Divine Feminine Power and Gift that you bring to the world

The Gatherings:

-Saturday, May 19 (Boulder Center for Conscious Community (BC3), Boulder) - The Mask – In sacred circle we enter into deep meditation to connect with our “Mask” – the false face we present to the world – and learn its lesson, embrace its pain, and begin the healing process.  We will journal our experience and create a physical representation of our Mask.  Using blank, primed full-face masks, we will paint and adorn them to represent the mask we present to the world – the fake “me.”  Attendees are encouraged to bring special objects, feathers, paint, stones, found objects, etc. to adorn their masks to make them a true personal representation.  These masks will be worn during the Embodiment Ceremony and Fire Celebration on June 16  (10 am – 4 pm)

-Saturday, June 2 (BC3, Boulder)  – Wound, Medicine, Gift - Entering into deep meditation, we will uncover our Sacred Wound.  We will dialog with it to discover its purpose, we will paint its picture and create the alchemy to transform the Wound into the Medicine that heals us.  The final step is embodying the Gift that is birthed from this Medicine – our own special “healing” we bring to this lifetime to assist others.  As a potent reminder of this Medicine and Gift, we will design our own special Power Goddess Pendant – a Goddess face (pre-made) with semi-precious stones.  (10 am – 4 pm)

 -Friday, June 8 (Private Residence TBA) – Preparation Meditation – Writing our Story and our Vow (Private residence TBA) Writing our story of our Mask, our Wound, our Medicine and the Gift we bring to the world.  Writing our vow of Embodiment of Divine Feminine Power.  These will be shared at the Embodiment Ceremony and Fire Celebration.  (7-9 pm)

-Saturday, June 16 (Sacred Land in/near Boulder County, TBA) – Sacred Power Embodiment High Ceremony and Celebration – Each woman will share the story of their Mask, Wound, Medicine and Gift that was created in the Preparation Meditation evening; symbolic shedding of the Mask; sharing the Vow of Embodiment;  stepping into power, embracing our Divine Feminine through celebration, dance, and feasting.  Camping may be available for Saturday evening after the Celebration.  Details will be shared in the first gatherings (3 pm – wee hours or overnight)

Sliding Scale $235-$285 per individual.  $100 deposit due for registration by Friday, May 4, balance due on or before Saturday May 19.  Credit card payments available through paypal.

Cost includes all materials, including blank mask and materials for decoration, Power Goddess necklace and stones, and journal for the gatherings.  Facilitated by Melinda de Marmion, artist, sound and energy healer, who has been creating sacred community and leading women’s groups since 2005.  Email Melinda at melindademarmion@gmail.com or call her at 317-985-7622 for more information.

If you would like to host or co-facilitate a Divine Feminine Alchemy series in your location at a later date, please contact Melinda for more information
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