InnerVision Energy Clearing Group TeleCalls Starting Again


They’re back as of 2/7/13…

After over a year of taking time off as I moved about and worked on other projects, the InnerVision Energy Clearing telecalls resume for small groups starting this Thursday, February 7, 2013!  There will be two calls this month – Feb 7 and Feb 21, 8:30-10 pm EST.  I thank you all for your requests to bring these calls back and I’m so glad that they have assisted so many in the past.

We sometimes get sidetracked.  We move from joy to fear, and JOY is where the action is!  It’s where all the cool magical things in life reside.  It’ SOO important to keep our energy clear now.  I’m sure most of you have felt the powerful energies streaming onto the earth right now, can make us pretty ungrounded.  Well, come find your way back to joy and to magic.  This month the focus of these calls is Grounding in the Heart – when we ground here, we stay in our power.

These calls are so fun – they are very powerful in clearing energy, drawing upon some potent body/mind ways of releasing blocks, but what is so utterly cool and unique is that they draw upon the group energy through ONE individual who serves as proxy for the group.  It never fails that everyone in the group is experiencing similar issues when they come to the call.  Those of you who have participated in these calls know how powerful these are, and I hope some new individuals get to experience them as well.

Another cool thing is that individuals who sign up for the calls get entered into a drawing for a free private InnerVision session.  Each time you attend a call, you get another entry.  The drawing for this raffle will be held after the 2/21/13 call. This is for a FULL length, 1 1/4 hour clearing session (value $150), so it’s a good deal.

You can read more about these on the Events 2013 page on this blog, and you can also visit the FB invite here:!/events/153364334813593/?fref=ts  It’s easy to register for the call on paypal – just follow the link above or on the Events 2013 page, and BE SURE to include your personal email where I can send the conference call in number.  The call will be recorded and the MP3s emailed to everyone after the call.  You can register for the call up to 5PM EST the day of each of the calls.

Thanks everyone, and I look forward to talking with you on Thursday, Feb 7!

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